As I asked in my last response, which tool did you use to generate the jaxb classes ? From the stack and your words, seems that you are using the jaxws plugin in Eclipse to do that ? If does, I did not see what is required to do on Geronimo side. 
Also, I would reminder that the cxf version in Geronimo 2.1.8 should be 2.0.*, and jaxb version used in Geronimo 2.1.8 is 2.1.*, there maybe issue if using jaxb 2.2 to generate stubs and running them on jaxb 2.1.
To make the generation works, depending on which tool you use, the common thing is to configure the correct java.endorsed.dirs, and add the jaxb 2.2 there, and google is also your friend :-)

2012/1/24 Venkat <>
Hi Ivan, thanks for replying.

I got a reply from CXF people, they also said the same thing.

So should I download the jaxb 2.2 and paste it into Geronimo lib folder or
CXF folder?


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