The description for option  org.apache.cxf.jaxws.checkPublishEndpointPermission  could be found in I doubt that it is related to your issue.
If the problem is that RMIConnector could not write it to the deploy directory, I guess that whether the problem is that JRE does not have permission to do that, as I saw that you are working on windows 7, the user control system in win 7 sometimes cause some strange behaviors.

2012/1/17 mikedanese <>
More time spent on this, still cant deploy my war:
Seems 'RMIConnection' tries to write the war file to the deploy directory
(eg: appserver-base/repository/xx but is denied access by jre.
( windows7 / eclipse indigo / wsce-eclipse plugin / websphere comm. edition
Some things I have tried:
1. From eclipse server view(wsceV3.0) edit the 'launch configuration' to add
VM arguments, eg:

2. edit jre java.policy file (jre/lib/security/java.policy) eg:
grant codeBase "file:///C:/ibm/wsce/appserverV3.0/*" {

Please advise the correct way to grant access to write the war file to wsce
deploy directories.

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