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From "Ray Sprinkle" <>
Subject RE: Virtual Host Configuration
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:52:22 GMT
 Hmm, I am wondering which doc did you refer to, and did not think the current geronimo-web.xml
will work in Geronimo 2.1.*.
 For the virtual host in Geronimo 2.2.*,  the doc url is
 If you really would like to use container-config to configure the virtual host, the namespace
should be corrected,
xmlns="">   <---    <tomcat

Changing the xmlns to "" fixed my problem.

How can  I help fix the documentation?   With your help, I found the namespace correctly referenced
in the documentation for 
"Creating deployment plans for Web applications"   


but  in the reference for geronimo-web.xml (,
in the <container-config> section, it links to,
which is the incorrect value I was using.   Shouldn't these two sections be in agreement?

2012/1/24 Radim Kolar <>
> I started with 2.2, tried 2.1 and tried standalone Tomcat 6.
In 2.1 virtual hosts works, follow documentation on website.

Thank you for the great help.   

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