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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Compatibility
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 04:21:05 GMT
>From the serlvet/jsp spec compatibility, I think both of them had passed
corresponding TCK, so they should be consistent, if using Geronimo 2.2.*
and 3.0-beta-1, you will find they almost use the same configuration file.
but Geronimo uses its own authentication, security, JNDI and etc
Hope it helps.

2011/12/29 Sean A. <>

> Hello,
>        I'm looking to brush up on my Servlets/JSP skills, and I have a
> book that I'd like to use (_Head First Servlets and JSP_).  It uses Tomcat
> in its examples though, and I would like a full-fledged container for
> future experimentation.  What are the compatibility issues between Geronimo
> and Tomcat that I should know about?  Is there anything different in the
> directory structure, for example?  Thanks for your time.
>                --Forty-Two


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