For injecting a string, I think env-entry will help you in web.xml , it is something like :


You could also overwrite the value in geronimo-web.xml file.

2011/11/11 Radim Kolar <>

Usually strings in jndi are resource-env-ref not resource-ref?
i can change web.xml to


<description>Adresa Cassandra clusteru</description>

but how to write string value for this in geronimo-web.xml?


i have in web.xml

<description>Adresa Cassandra clusteru</description>

I need  to define String resource and bind it to jndi to make application work. From IBM documentation it seems that writing Gbean is needed:

If you were exposing resources other than JMS or database resources through JNDI, you
can do the same by writing GBeans to act as a wrapper around your resources. First,
check for any plug-ins that are already available for exposing such resources as part of
JNDI in Community Edition.

Because i need String then my custom bean must subclass String?

public  class StringWrapperGBeanimplements  InterfaceNamed {

   public  StringWrapperGBean(String  gbeanName) {

  private  static  final  GBeanInfo GBEAN_INFO;

   static  {
           GBeanInfoBuilder infoFactory =new  GBeanInfoBuilder(
           StringWrapperGBean.class.getName(), StringWrapperGBean.class);

           infoFactory.setConstructor(new  String[] {"gbeanName"  });

           GBEAN_INFO = infoFactory.getBeanInfo();

    public  static  GBeanInfo getGBeanInfo() {
               return  GBEAN_INFO;

I am kinda confused