It is interesting, with tomcat assembly, by default, Axis2 provides the both jaxws and saaj implementations, cxf should not be used. anyway, the filter configurations below will make sure those cxf classes are not loaded.
For the class "WSBindingProvider", suppose there is no typo error. It looks to me that the class is from RI JAXWS implementation ? Not from Axis2 and CXF. This class should have no relation with saaj, IMO.
I think that it will be good to paste your sample code if possible, a

2011/9/27 adamruggles <>
Yes it's using saaj.  I'm using the Tomcat version of geronimo.  Here are the
relavant hidden classes specified in my geronimo-web.


Another example of cxf not being loaded correctly is I'm unable to cast the
client to a WSBindingProvider to add headers.  I get a class cast exception.
Works fine in my unit tests were I have more control over the library
classpath order.  It's my understanding that you need to have the cxf
classes in the classpath before the sun jars.

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