Hi, Jay, could you try to add the fragment below or the hidden-class in your deployment plan, it should prevent the web classloader  loading the log4j from server side.

2011/9/8 Jay D. McHugh <jaydmchugh@gmail.com>
Hello all,

I have an issue with deploying my app onto 3.0.

And that is that I was using log4j for my logging.  Previously it was included as part of Geronimo.

Is the intent to have people install log4j themselves and configure it or change their apps to use the logging that is built into Geronimo now?

Has anyone already put together a document on switching?



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Dne 6.9.2011 21:18, Radim Kolar napsal(a):
Go for G3 beta

can you give me location of tomcat based Geronimo 3.0 nightly snapshot. I will test it with my apps.

Cool. Here you go: