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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: missing XSD schemas on web
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 13:38:13 GMT
Hi Radim,
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Could you generate a Jira? Agreed that this is something we should try and support.


On Aug 29, 2011, at 1:22 AM, Radim Kolar wrote:

> Dne 29.8.2011 6:25, chi runhua napsal(a):
>> The schema files are actually under, not sure
it's the problem of GEP validation,  might need someone else to look into the GEP code.
> I am not talking about GEP code. In GEP it might work because it probably comes comes
with xsd schemas already included. I am talking about standard XML validation in any XML editor
or Eclipse without GEP.
> I will describe problem in more detail. If you validate against,
XML downloads XSD from schema location   xsi:schemaLocation="">
> ponto:(admin)~>fetch
> web-2.0.1                                     100% of 6143  B  214 kBps
> ponto:(admin)~>
> so we have got file. Now time to parse it with XML parser. File has includes inside:
> ponto:(admin)~>grep -i import web-2.0.1
> <xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="geronimo-naming-1.2.xsd"/>
> <xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="geronimo-application-2.0.xsd"/>
> <xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="geronimo-module-1.2.xsd"/>
> <xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation=""/>
>                            Reference to abstract service element defined in imported
> ponto:(admin)~>
> lets look at first import. We are going to import namespace
from URL (schema location is
added to current URL) which does not exists on geronimo web server.
> naming schema exists at different location
> ponto:(admin)~>fetch
> naming-1.2                                    100% of   52 kB  624 kBps
> ponto:(admin)~>
> but your schemas refers to xsd import files in same directory like main schema which
is good because validation on XSD schemas downloaded localy will work if you dump all schemas
into one directory like you do in geronimo distro. To make XML validation work locally you
just need to point schema location to your geronimo install directory. something like this:
> xsi:schemaLocation=" file:///usr/local/wasce/schema/geronimo-web-2.0.1.xsd"
> and everything works. But for making validation to work over HTTP you need to upload
these XSD files with xsd extension to as well to
You need to have them several times on web server, once for xs:import with XSD extension and
second without extension for xsi:schemalocation.

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