You might need to deploy the jar file as those common java ee applications :-) 

2011/7/14 ashwin nair <>
   I created as jar file as you suggested under
GERONIMO_HOME/repository/aswin/sharedlib/1.0/sharedlib-1.0.jar which has a
META-INF folder in it with the content you mentioned and changed the
dependency as follows.

<application xmlns=""

But I am getting Classnotfound exceptions for my servlets and such are not
getting loaded.  I put a breakpoint in the
org.apache.geronimo.system.sharedlib.SharedLib and am not seeing the
configured path showing up, so I am guessing that my changes are not getting
picked up.

How do I configure the module, do I need to do anything in config.xml
(GERONIMO_HOME/var/config/config.xml) but am getting errors saying it cannot
find the path?

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