I have downloaded and unzipped the Apache Geronimo v3.0-M1 Release .
I have started the console. I do not find the DB Manager or the Embedded DB tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the console.
I do not find debug views either, which I may need.
Incidentally, the plugin screen, using the url http://geronimo.apache.org/plugins/geronimo-3.0/ and got the response:
Http 400

Problem accessing /console/portal/3-9/Applications/Plugins/__pmplugin0x2ImportExport!-459187804%7C0_view/__wsplugin0x2ImportExport!-459187804%7C0_maximized/__rpplugin0x2ImportExport!-459187804%7C0_repository/http0xc3A0xc2F0xc2Fgeronimo0x2apache0x2org0xc2Fplugins0xc2Fgeronimo-30x200xc2F/__rpplugin0x2ImportExport!-459187804%7C0_mode/list. Reason:

    XSSXSRFFilter blocked HttpServletRequest due to invalid FORM content.

The first two things that I brought up are a big problem, the third is just fyi. I see that derby is there in the folders.
Is there something that I should be installing or a line that I should be adding to a config file? I find nothing in the
readme. I cannot find the term DB Manager in the documentation online, except articles which already assume that
it is there. One sentence says "available DB Manager" which makes me wonder what I need to do to make it available.

This seems like it would be a common problem, but I found nothing about it on the mailing list either.


Ryan Zoerner