Thanks for spotting this, please go ahead and file a JIRA for the problem.

Jeff C

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 5:37 AM, Russell E Glaue <> wrote:
I am testing with geronimo-tomcat7-javaee6-web-3.0-SNAPSHOT,

ActiveMQ is configured to run as "org.apache.geronimo.home.dir/var/activemq" ,
and does not cooperate with multi-server configurations. This is the use of the
"" option. (see:

When wanting to run more than a single server instance, the ActiveMQ startup
will block waiting for the lock file "$GERONIMO_HOME/var/activemq/lock" to
become available.

Obviously this causes any server instance started after the first server
instance is started to block during startup while waiting for the lock file to
become available.

Steps to repeat:

1. Download and unpack G3.0 SNAPSHOT (3.0-20110523 tested)

2. Create the server instances:
-- 2A. cd ${GERONIMO_HOME}
-- 2B-1. mkdir gserver1
-- 2B-2. cp -rp var gserver1/
-- 2B-3. cp -rp etc gserver1/
-- 2B-4. cp -rp repository gserver1/
-- 2C-1. mkdir gserver1
-- 2C-2. cp -rp var gserver1/
-- 2C-3. cp -rp etc gserver1/
-- 2C-4. cp -rp repository gserver1/

-- (the "deploy:new-server-instance" only does step 1 and 2, create base
directory and var/ directory, you still have to manually copy/create etc and

3. update the "PortOffset" parameter in
var/config/ in each instance

4. Start the server instances:
-- env bin/startup
-- env bin/startup

5. `tail -f server2/var/logs/geronimo.log` and you will see this as the last
line that outputs:
"2011-05-31 16:26:39,609 WARN  [AMQPersistenceAdapter] Waiting to Lock the Store
The server waits here indefinitely.

6. Shutdown the "server1" instance and you will see the "server2" instance
continue on in the startup procedures.

* When I first start the "server1" instance, the directory
"${GERONIMO_HOME}/var/activemq" is created and populated. Instead it should be
"${GERONIMO_HOME}/" that is created
and populated.

I believe this is a bug.
Does anyone concurr?
I will file a bug report unless someone can explain to me I should be
configuring something else other than "PortOffset" in the
"" file to avoid ths issue.