IIRC, while using InitialContextFactory impl from ActiveMQ, it just reads the local properties files, you might double check with AcitiveMQ community. Geronimo does have a JNDI tree, but it is an in-vm one.
For querying which topics are deployed, one possible way is by JMX. A corresponding mbean will be registered in MBean server by ActiveMQ once a topic is created on the server side, you might use the jconsole tool from JDK to explore them. Another way from Geronimo side is to use GBean query, while it is a bit complex in my opinion, comparing with JMX.
Hope it helps.

2011/6/28 Florian Schaetz <Florian.Schaetz@optitool.de>



> For the ActiveMQ, I think the doc from its website should

> be helpful for you, it describes that how AcitveMQ JNDI

> works. e.g. Dynamically creating destinations section

> explains why an unexisting destination could be lookuped.

Thanks. One thing I found was…


“However, ActiveMQ's JNDI Implementation does NOT talk to the naming server.”


So: Is there chance to talk to the naming server and ask, which topics are deployed?