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From Florian Schaetz <Florian.Scha...@Optitool.DE>
Subject Geronimo JMS Topic lookup and usage
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2011 10:23:56 GMT

perhaps it's a stupid question, but I like to understand things, even if they work fine, so
here it goes:

I've got a piece of code in my application, that connects to the Topic on the ApplicationServer.
It looks like this:

Properties jndiProperties = new Properties();
... some properties
jndiProperties.setProperty("topic.TopicName", "MyTopic");

InitialContext initContext = new InitialContext(jndiProperties);
Topic topic = (Topic) initContext.lookup("TopicName");

Ok, this seems to work, I get access to the "MyTopic" topic. But there are two question:

a) What's the whole process for? Why can't I simply as for "MyTopic"? Isn't there a direct
way to access the topic, without the redirect through the properties? ...lookup("topic://MyTopic")
or similar things do not seem to work.

b) If I try ...lookup("SomeNonsense") I get an Naming-Exception, great. But if use the code
above and the "MyTopic" doesn't exist on my Geronimo, I get no exceptions at all, even when
sending to this non-existing topic - the message simply seems to never arrive somewhere. Is
there a possibility to check if the topic is ok?




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