Hmm, it looks to me that, Geronimo did not have a central point for listing all the webservice endpoints in the deployed applications, and think that we need to improve this somewhere, maybe have a portlet and log some messages in the log files.
In the Geronimo 2.2, suppose you are using JAX-WS web services in the web applications, one possible way is that all the web sevices endpoint classes should be in the final web.xml file. If you could find the deployed web application in the repository directory according to the artifact id.
The WSDL address for the endpoint follows the rules of add a query parameter with the access address. e.g. If the web service access address is that :
http://localhost:8080/test/a, then the wsdl address is http://localhost:8080/test/a?WSDL
And actually, if the POJO webservices are configured in the web.xml, the access addressing is also there in the servlet-mapping element. Or, the the context follows the rules : /webapplicationcontext/service name (configured in the WebService or WebServiceProvider annotation) or simple class name of the SEI class.
Hope it helps.

2011/4/30 sim085 <>
Hello, I created a sample webservice, packaged it and deployed it
successfully on Geronimo (I am using version;
geronimo-tomcat6-javaee5-2.2.1). Now I would like to see the wsdl file of
this webservice. Is there a place from the Geronimo console from where I can
see all the deployed webservices and the address to access the wsdl file of
these webservices?--
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