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From Im Dj <>
Subject Re: Configuring JAXWS on Mac OS X
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 07:32:36 GMT
Hi Ivan, thanks for the reply.

I am new to OS X but I believe that a jdk is in use here as its defined in
Eclipse thus:


It would seem from the below link that Apple lays out the JDK somewhat
differently than Sun and there is no lib/tools.jar. From gooling around I
have seen that perhaps creating a symbolic link in lib for tools.jar linking
to ../Classes/classes.jar might help but this showed no improvement.
Java Developer Guide for Mac OS X 

Comparing the logs on Mac vs Windows I see on the Mac:

[GBeanSingleReference] Started

then it goes straight to:

[TomcatContainer] Creating context '/CMDBProject' with docBase

However on Windows, between these two log entries, there are stacks of log
lines from other modules (and I've removed some for brevity):

MetadataFactoryRegistry --> Axis2ConfigGBean --> Loader --> StAXUtils -->
OMSerializableImpl --> Phase --> RepositoryListener -->
JAXWSUtils --> WSDL4JWrapper --> BaseWSDLLocator --> WSDLWrapperBasicImpl
--> AxisService --> AxisConfiguration --> TomcatContainer -->

There is no random generated folder in the web applcation's repository
folder - only a WAR folder structure and expected supported file and a
single jsp I am using to test the application is actually deployed (that
works when the app is deployed).

Is there anyone out there who is using OS X as their development environment
who might know what's wrong - I strongly suspect this is to do with Apple's


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