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From Martin Hejl <>
Subject Re: ClassNotFoundException:
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 17:06:28 GMT
Hi Kevan,

Am 16.03.2011 17:08, schrieb Kevan Miller:
>> Is there a way to get around having to add commons-fileupload and commons-io to 
WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/ at all? I tried adding a dependency to the deployment plan
>> <dep:dependencies>
>>   <dep:dependency>
>>     <dep:groupId>commons-fileupload</dep:groupId>
>>     <dep:artifactId>commons-fileupload</dep:artifactId>
>>     <dep:version>1.1.1</dep:version>
>>     <dep:type>jar</dep:type>
>>   </dep:dependency>
>>   <dep:dependency>
>>     <dep:groupId>commons-io</dep:groupId>
>>     <dep:artifactId>commons-io</dep:artifactId>
>>     <dep:version>1.2</dep:version>
>>     <dep:type>jar</dep:type>
>>   </dep:dependency>
>> </dep:dependencies>
>> to use the jars that are already on the server (without any jars in WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/)
but that resulted in the same java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
>> Should that approach work, or should the WAR or EAR always be self-contained regarding
its dependencies?
> You have both hidden-classes and the commons dependencies in your deployment plan? I
would expect this to work.
you are right - it works. It never occurred to me to actually try 
setting the dependency and also hiding the packages (the way I read the 
docs, the <hidden-classes> are for solving issues between different 
versions of the same library - and since I specifically wanted to use 
the library provided by geronimo, it didn't occur to me to try).

Thank you very much, this helps me a lot to keep the EAR/WAR small and 
not have to include jars that I know are already installed on the server.


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