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From Neil Franken <>
Subject I need to pick your brains....
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 06:53:26 GMT
Hi All

I need some help to make up my mind about what technologies to use in my
project. Now there is going to be some rather newbie questions in here
but I need some input from people that work with the technology.

Here is my problem. We are doing a project that requires us to use JPA.
Now I need the JPA to be able to cache data to reduce the load on the
MySQL servers. So over the last couple of days I have been doing a lot
of porting of code from a Glassfish v3 and eclipselink project to

However going through the documentation I had a look a OpenJPA as well.
It seems that openJPA is also a very good product.... so my main
question is.

Which one is better to use in Geronimo.I know OpenJPA is allready
available in Geronimo and from what I can find on the internet it seems
to be a viable alternative to EclipseLink.

So can anyone here shed some light on the choice I have to make? Seems
like Java programmers in South Africa just use JDBC so finding someone
to have a decent discussion about JPA/ORM Frameworks leads nowhere fast.


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