It's not possible to expose stateless session bean as JAX-RS resource by only putting cxf/wink into WAR.   As  Java EE 5 app server, Geronimo 2.x does not have built-in logic to do this.  For pojo based jax-rs in Geronimo 2.x.  

1, If you put wink/jax-rs-api in your war, there'll be no classpath issue at all because geronimo2.x does not contain them.

2, If you want to use cxf in your war, besides the method Kevan mentioned, you can still use class filter in geronimo deployment plan to avoid the potential classloading issues.    

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 12:02 AM, KHAksnes <> wrote:

Does anyone have a recomended way of creating JAX-RS web services using
I want to use released production ready versions of Geronimo (either 2.2.1
or 2.1.7)
I have been considering implementing my Rest services as web applications
either using CXF or WINK. The cleaner solution using annotated Stateless
Enterprise beans is difficult to implement without full EE 6 support in
What worries me most is class loader issues and version conflicts when
integrating either CXF or WINK into a WAR (reverse classloading might or
might not be a good idea)
A particular solution that might work is to use CXF 2.1.9 and the Jetty/CXF
version of Geronimo 2.2.1, if this works I might only need to add the JAX-RS
related jars from CXF to my web application. I will be running JAX-WS based
web services, using annotated Stateless Enterprise beans and CXF on the same
servers. I am using Maven so the my ideal solution is a working pom :-)
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