GEP 2.2 supports geronimo server 2.1.6, and will be upgraded to server 2.1.7 in GEP 2.2.1 release. 
The source codes ( 2.1.7 server upgrade code is in ) are in now. You can try to build it and have a try if it solves your deployment problem. Or you can wait some days until GEP 221 release goes live.
On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 7:31 AM, KHAksnes <> wrote:

My openejb-jar.xml problems was a false alarm, the problem was facet related
and probably due to some stupid interaction between Maven, Eclipse and
Perforce, it works now.
GEP 2.2  still have serious issues as it doesn't work well with recent 2.1
servers. (It is unable to deploy to them)

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