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thank you for creating the JIRAs.

For Utility project, the solution is
1. In SampleUtility project, export the project into a jar, e.g.,
2. In SampleEAR project, create a lib folder under EarContent folder,
and then copy SampleUtility.jar into lib folder
3. In SampleEJB project, add SampleUtility.jar as external JARs in
Libraries tab of java build path panel
With above changes, the SampleEAR project can be published successfully
in eclipse.
is that a workaround, or the proposed solution?
Yeah, this should be a workaround before https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GERONIMODEVTOOLS-690 is fixed.

Replacing a Utility Project with a static jar sounds very much like the discussion brought up in

I guess my question is - has support for Utility Projects been dropped with 2.1.7 (since it it's packaged as a static jar, one could just use a plain old Java project as well)?
I don't see the intention to drop the support for Utility Project in 2.1.7. There should be a bug somewhere broken this function. For statis jar, I agree plain old java project is enough.

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