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From sim085 <>
Subject Geronimo + Derby + Datasource
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 20:21:16 GMT

Hello, I am trying to create a datasource for an embeded derby database. I
have followed several examples on the web but so far I did not manage to get
this working. What I did is the following;

1. Goto DB Manager.
2. Create the new Database name "MyDatabase".
3. Create a table in "MyDatabase".
4. Insert some records in the new table.
5. Goto Database Pools.
6. Click on link "Using the Geronimo database pool wizard".
7. Set Database Pool Name to "MyDatasource" and Database Type to "Derby
embedded" (click next)
8. Set Database Name to "MyDatabase" (left all other fields blank and
clicked deploy)

Now MyDatasource is displayed in the list of datasources and next to it I
can see that it is deployed as Server-wide and its status is set to running.
I then go to the Run SQL window. Select MyDatasource from the dropdown list
and write a simple SELECT statement. However when I click the run button I
get the following error.

An error encountered while executing SQL command(s).

An error encountered while executing SQL command(s).
Connection authentication failure occurred.  Reason: Invalid

I tried to look on the Internet but did not manage to find a solution. Can
someone please help me and tell me if I am creating the datasource correctly
and if not where I am doing a mistake.

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