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From "Christian Nickel">
Subject Regarding Stomp for ActiveMQ on Geronimo 2.2
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 15:27:37 GMT

I've got a question regarding Geronimo 2.2, please forgive me as I've never 
posted here before and I'm very new to Geronimo and Java in general. I 
think I've hit my Googling limit on this question so I thought I'd bring it 
to the experts.

The UI portion of our application is written in PHP and the developer wants 
to use Stomp to communicate to our ActiveMQ server. We have message driven 
beans on Geronimo waiting for MapMessages and from what we understand it is 
possible through Stomp but it requires ActiveMQ to have XStream and since 
we need transformations we need the Jettison JSON parser in the classpath. 
That information is coming from this page:

XStream looks to be enabled and working and I've enabled the Stomp protocol 
in ActiveMQ, I see a reference to Jettison as an optional dependency but 
I'm not sure about how to add it to the classpath of ActiveMQ. Currently we 
are receiving messages from the UI using Stomp but they're all coming over 
as TextMessages.

Maybe this would be a little more straight forward if I was using ActiveMQ 
separately from Geronimo? Anyway, if anyone has information regarding this, 
maybe related to adding Jettison, or links to reading material on it, I'd 
really appreciate it!  


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