Hi Mik, thanks a lot for contributing back to the community.

I've put the How-to information in G2.2 document at  



On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Kevan Miller <kevan.miller@gmail.com> wrote:

On Aug 31, 2010, at 8:27 AM, Mik wrote:

> Hi Kevan
> Thanks for your reply. Looking through the code in Log4jService.java made
> the difference..
> // Allow users to override the configurationFile which is hardcoded
> // in config.ser and cannot be updated by config.xml, as the
> // AttrbiuteManager comes up after this GBean
> String cfgFile = System
>        .getProperty(LOG4JSERVICE_CONFIG_PROPERTY);
> if ((cfgFile != null) && (!cfgFile.equals(""))) {
>    this .configurationFile = cfgFile;
> }
> So the config file value can be overridden at server startup by using
> org.apache.geronimo.log4jservice.configuration system property, and it also
> seems to accept the xml format :-)

Hi Mik,
Great. Good work digging through the source!. Forgot that this GBean attribute couldn't be overridden... Normally, the config.xml override would work. As indicated by above comment, this is an edge case due to order of server startup...