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From Johannes Weberhofer <>
Subject Re: Geronimo as windows service
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 11:39:42 GMT
No, those parameters seem not to be honoured. Set the parameters as arguments in the "startup"

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna

Am 15.09.2010 11:28, schrieb KHAksnes:
> Does geronimosrw for geronimo 2.1.6 honor the memory parameters found on the
> Java tab?
> The reason why I ask is that I tend to get out of memory errors for a call
> when running it against a geronimo server running as windows service but not
> against the same server started manually.
> When run as web service the geronimo console report
> Total memory allocated: 247.5 MB
> When run manually it reports: 494,94 MB
> The application requires around 290 MB
> When running as web service I get out of heap space errors, but not when
> running manually
> Even setting Initial memory pool to 300 MB and maximum memory pool to 1000
> MB fails
> The initial memory pool setting to 300 doesn't seem to change what geronimo
> console reports as total memory allocated it is still 247.5 MB in other
> words less than the initial memory pool setting.
> I am running the jetty version of geronimo 2.1.6 on windows.

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