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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: How to generate schema logical diagram on Geronimo website?
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:41:25 GMT

On Sep 29, 2010, at 5:00 PM, dsh wrote:

> I know XMLSpy does such diagrams, the Oxygen XML editor does them too
> and probably some kind of Eclipse plugins as well.

Looks like it was Oxygen:

On Jan 29, 2008, at 9:00 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Hey Tim,
> If you mean those over  ( they are still
baking ;-)  )
> Most of it is generated with Oxygen, just testing it for now but so far I like the way
it presents the info the most compared to other XSD documentation tools. But Oxygen is not
the whole story there is a lot of additional "home cooking" to make it look the way it looks
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Tim McConnell wrote:
>> Howdy to you too Hernan, I really like the HTML and schemaDiagrams you're providing
for those of us who are XSD-impaired. Just curious what tool(s) you're using to generate them
>> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>> Howdy,
>>> I'm working on documenting the deployment plans for 2.1, part of that documentation
includes covering the XML schemas.
>>> While looking at the schemas I see attributes-1.1.xsd and attributes-1.2.xsd
although I haven't found any reference to attributes-1.1. Are we still using this schema?
>>> Cheers!
>>> Hernan

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