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From Anil Chawla <>
Subject Issue regarding GeronimoLog
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 15:09:05 GMT

We are moving our application to Geronimo and are encountering an issue
with GeronimoLog. The core problem is that we are using the Apache Pig
library and need to serialize objects created by that library. The Pig
classes use the commons logging framework and unfortunately maintain Log
references as instance fields rather than static fields -- which means that
the Log field is also serialized when the object is serialized. This causes
a failure on Geronimo when trying to serialize the Pig objects because the
GeronimoLog implementation is not serializable. We are trying to find a
solution without modifying all of the Pig classes.

The only solution we have found so far is to dynamically set the
"org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory" system property when our
application starts in order to replace the GeronimoLogFactory
implementation with our own custom LogFactory implementation. Our custom
LogFactory wraps GeronimoLog in order to make it serializable without
breaking the normal server logging behavior. The problem with this approach
is that it changes the LogFactory implementation for the entire VM and our
classes are not available to other applications in the container.

* Is there a way to replace the LogFactory/Log implementation but isolate
that change to a specific WAR/EAR within Geronimo?

* Are there  any other ideas on how we might work around this issue?

Thanks so much!

Anil Chawla
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