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From Faw <>
Subject Secure WebService with BASIC Authentication
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:21:41 GMT

I want to secure my SOAP webservice with basic authentication. I searched in
the knowledgebase and found this:

So I tried and added that to my configuration, this is part my


It gave me an error "Ejb app has method permissions but no security
configuration supplied in geronimo plan", so after searching around for a
while i found an answer (this should be mentioned and explained in that same
wiki page), so i added the following to openejb-jar.xml:

    <sec:role role-name="admin">
      <sec:principal name="admin"

and added the following to my service:

public class RegisterBean extends BaseService implements Register {

The service deploys well, when I try to call it (using the soapui generic
client) it with no user/password it fails (as it should), but when I use
username/password it also fails. I don't know what Im missing. Can anyone
give me any ideas?
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