In the geronimo-web.xml file, there is a xml entry named security-realm-name, which is used to specify which realm will be used for the web application, it should be the gbean name of the realm.
Yes, there is also a xml entry named realm-name of the login-config, AFAIK, it will only used to show on the popping logon window of the browser.

2010/7/19 Kees van Veen <>
I'm using basic authentication.


David Jencks wrote:
Are you using basic, form, or some other kind of auth?

david jencks

On Jul 16, 2010, at 4:41 AM, Kees van Veen wrote:


How can I get a security realm name per deployed context ? We deploy several versions/instances of our software on the same Geronimo server, and want the browser to remember username/password per url.

When deploying a web app we create a security realm name (in the plan) containing the context to which we deploy, e.g. secure-context1, secure-context2. In the Geronimo console I can see all the realms created, so that seems to be fine.

My web.xml (and geronimo-web.xml) contain 'secure' as (generic) realm name, and that is what the browser reports when I connect.

Maybe a bigger question (for me) is: how does the security definition in the plan.xml link back to the (geronimo-)web.xml or how can I link my web.xml/geronimo-web.xml to the realms available ?

Thanks in advance.