Ivan wrote:
In the geronimo-web.xml file, there is a xml entry named security-realm-name, which is used to specify which realm will be used for the web application, it should be the gbean name of the realm.
It is, in my case, but that lists the 'generic' realm for my application. But deploy time I would like that realm to be specific to my deployed context.
Yes, there is also a xml entry named realm-name of the login-config, AFAIK, it will only used to show on the popping logon window of the browser.
Is that the realm-name of the web.xml you're referring to ? I've set that to the 'generic' name as well. How can I get that to be context specific ?

2010/7/19 Kees van Veen <kees.vanveen@kewill.com>
I'm using basic authentication.


David Jencks wrote:
Are you using basic, form, or some other kind of auth?

david jencks

On Jul 16, 2010, at 4:41 AM, Kees van Veen wrote:


How can I get a security realm name per deployed context ? We deploy several versions/instances of our software on the same Geronimo server, and want the browser to remember username/password per url.

When deploying a web app we create a security realm name (in the plan) containing the context to which we deploy, e.g. secure-context1, secure-context2. In the Geronimo console I can see all the realms created, so that seems to be fine.

My web.xml (and geronimo-web.xml) contain 'secure' as (generic) realm name, and that is what the browser reports when I connect.

Maybe a bigger question (for me) is: how does the security definition in the plan.xml link back to the (geronimo-)web.xml or how can I link my web.xml/geronimo-web.xml to the realms available ?

Thanks in advance.