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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Unencrypted passwords for tomcat connector definitions in g 2.2
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 00:56:33 GMT
Currently, it does not support to encrypte the passwords in the server.xml,
but it is easily to make it be available, IIRC, it could be done in the
server gbean or connector jaxb class. Could you open a jira for it ?
To use the gbean to construt the tomcat container, it should work. But in
the future, Geronimo encourges to use the server.xml to configure the tomcat
container ......

2010/7/4 Ashish Jain <>

> Hi,
> Geronimo 2.2 onwards I observe that server.xml is being used to configure
> tomcat connectors. In server.xml
> I observe that the passwords are listed in plain text. Is it possible to
> utilize encrypted passwords in server.xml?
> Is it possible to revert to the old tomcat connector configurations based
> on config.xml in geronimo 2.2?
> Thanks
> Ashish


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