There is a deadlock in the ActiveMQ 4.1.2, it would occurs sometimes while there are left messages in the message store.
Actually, there is only one line change :

2010/5/3 B'lue <>

It don't reappear easily. I debug mdb sample in eclipse , add breakpoint in
OrderRecvMDB class.
After send massage ,shuntdown server.
Maybe reapper .

kevan wrote:
> On Apr 30, 2010, at 4:05 AM, B'lue wrote:
>> I deploy samples jms-mdb-ear in geronimo2.1.5 ,can get correct result.
>> But after restart geronimo server,MDB don't get massage.
> Want to verify how you're using the sample. You install the sample, submit
> an order, and see that the "order" message has been received by the MDB.
> You then restart the Geronimo server, submit a new order, and the "order"
> message is never received by the MDB? That would certainly be an issue.
> Just ran a test to verify and I'm not seeing that problem. jms-mdb sample
> works well for me before and after restart.
> --kevan

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