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From Forrest Xia <>
Subject Geronimo Java EE 6 Samples Are Ready for your try
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 03:45:58 GMT
Hi all,

There are some java ee 6 samples ready for try on G 3.0 snapshot build. The
purpose of these new samples is to demo some java ee 6 new features, and to
give end user some idea about java ee 6 improved programming model. Note
that those samples could not be regarded as a full coverage to all java ee 6
new features.

To try the new samples, follow these commands:
svn co gsamplestrunk
cd gsamplestrunk
mvn clean install -Pno-plugin -e

Note: you may need to check out server trunk code and make a local build
before you try to build the samples trunk.

The coverage of new features as below:
*Servlet 3.0*
1. cviewer-javaee6 -- A sample to demo programmatically register servlets
and filters
2. fileupload-javaee6 -- A sample to demo part attribute and new annotations
3. jarresource-javaee6 -- A sample to demo jar resources usage in a web
4. webfragment-javaee6 -- A sample to demo web fragment feature
*JSF 2.0*
5. converter-javaee6 -- A sample to demo JSF and AJAX interaction
*EJB 3.1*
6. ejbtimer-javaee6 -- A sample to demo EJB timer feature
7. singletonejb-javaee6 -- A calculator sample to demo singleton EJB
*JPA 2.0*
8. jpa20demo-javaee6 -- A sample using JSF and criteria API of JPA 2.0
*RESTful service*
9. restfulorder-javaee6 -- A sample to demo restful service

All these samples run successfully on the Java EE 6 RI server - glassfish
v3. But for G 3.0 tomcat snapshot build, only sample 1,4,5 work, others
could deplopy but failed to run.
I understand the G 3.0 is still under construction towards java ee 6
compliant, so let me know if there is a necessity to fire some jiras for
samples failures on the 3.0 snapshot build.


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