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From Tapas Mishra <>
Subject grail application deployment plan on geremino via command line
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 11:31:33 GMT
I want to  a web application that is made using grails .By reading
documentation I came that has to be converted to a .war format file.
This file has a deployment plan which comes in two XML files.

Right now I failed to deploy the application on the geronimo server.

I went through

 Troubleshooting J2EE asset deployment

I did read all of the above links but I was not able to created xml
files to deploy them as specified.Upto this point I infer that the
problem is coming from deployment plan.

A solution that after  came to mind  to is create the website
using an IDE like Eclipse on a laptop or so and then that IDE will
take care of deployment plan which may have errors that I am right now
not able to find.

Then that application can be deployed on the server.Since I do not
have a GUI on server so it is not possible right now to do that way on

Here is a  link to what I am saying.

The snapshot I have attached tells that the geronimo server is
running.So to me it does not appear that there is any problem on

Since the helloworld script war running successfully on grails server
so it comes to either the way deployment is done or the deployment
plan that refers to XML files.

What should I check in if some one can tell.I am new to grails and
wrote a helloworld application.Wanted to deploy it on geremino.
Also please tell me as what I wrote above is correct or I understood
some thing wrong.

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