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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: issue deploying webapp with security realm
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 16:36:11 GMT
This should work the way you want it to.  I don't see anything wrong with your configuration,
but my eyes are not an xml validator :-)

Could you see what happens if you put the security realm gbean in the geronimo-web.xml?
Also, just for reference could you paste the stack trace you are getting?

There is a configuration change you have to make if you want to use your own security realm
with (remote) ejb access, but that doesn't sound like your situation.

If you can provide a sample app to demonstrate the problem that would be very helpful.

david jencks

On May 24, 2010, at 1:54 AM, ttiurani wrote:

> Hi,
> I am getting the same error with geronimo 2.2, but there does not seem to be
> any way around my problem. I am trying to deploy my application with one
> .ear-file and use a custom security realm that is created with
> geronimo-application.xml and referenced in geronimo-web.xml. This does not
> seem to be possible anymore with Geronimo 2.2.
> geronimo-application.xml has this:
>       <dep:gbean name="MySecurityRealmGBean"
> 		class=""
> 		xsi:type="dep:gbeanType"
> 		xmlns:dep=""
> 		xmlns:xsi="">
> 		<dep:attribute name="realmName">MySecurityRealm</dep:attribute>
> 		<dep:reference name="ServerInfo">
> 			<dep:name>ServerInfo</dep:name>
> 		</dep:reference>
> 		<dep:xml-reference name="LoginModuleConfiguration">
> 			<log:login-config
> xmlns:log="">
> 				<log:login-module control-flag="REQUIRED"
> 					wrap-principals="false">
> 					<log:login-domain-name>
> 						MySecurityRealm
> 					</log:login-domain-name>
> 					<log:login-module-class>
>                                         org.test.MySecurityRealmLoginModule
> 					</log:login-module-class>
> 				</log:login-module>
> 			</log:login-config>
> 		</dep:xml-reference>
> 	</dep:gbean>
> and geronimo-web.xml inside the same .ear tries to reference the realm with
> this:
>        <security-realm-name>MySecurityRealm</security-realm-name>
> Now this has worked nicely with Geronimo 2.0.1 -> 2.1.3 (I'm guessing it
> works for 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 as well) but it fails with 2.2 with the same stack
> trace as in the first message. I'm guessing the problem is this that by the
> time geronimo-web.xml is evaluated during deployment, the custom security
> realm from geronimo-application.xml is not either created yet or then there
> is some kind of class loader problem.
> I've tried every kind of combination of geronimo-application.xml and
> geronimo-web.xml and am quite confident the problem is not a simple
> configuration typo or lack of <depencency> tags.
> I believe it is possible to do this in two separete deployments, where I
> would first deploy the custom security realm alone to Geronimo and then
> reference it in a separeate .ear containing a geronimo-web.xml with a
> dependency to something like this:
>       <dependency>
>              <groupId>org.test</groupId>
>              <artifactId>security</artifactId>
>              <version>1.0</version>
>              <type>car</type>
>        </dependency>
> The unfortunate thing is, this approach complicates my development so
> significantly, it is out of the question.
> Is it possible to create and reference a custom login module inside a single
> .ear with Geronimo 2.2? If not, is this possiblity removed from 2.2 on
> purpose, or is it a bug that wil be fixed in later versions?
> Best regards,
> Timo Tiuraniemi
> p.s. This seems to be possible in JBoss
> (
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