Hi Geronimo dev-tool team,

When I was developing a web module using Geronimo Eclipse Plugin, I was unable to have Eclipse to load the source code for the libraries that my web module depends on. To outline the steps to reproduce my problem:
1. Create a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse
2. Enable Maven by click "Maven" -> "Enable Dependency Management"
3. Add a library (dependency in Maven) to my web project, for example, Freemarker, using Maven plugin
4. Attach source code by clicking "Maven" -> "Download Sources"
5. Launch a Geronimo server to debug my web project
6. Add a break point in one of Freemarker's class.
7. When the breakpoint is hit, Eclipse will complain that Freemarker source code is not found.

When I digged deeper, I found out that my problem seems to be relatd with the way how the class "org.apache.geronimo.st.core/src/main/java/org/apache/geronimo/st/core/GeronimoSourcePathComputerDelegate.java" is implemented. Below is a code snippet from its method "computeSourceContainers"
                 // populate list of java projects and their source folders
                processModules(modules, javaProjectList, server, monitor);

               // create a ProjectRuntime classpath entry for each JavaProject
                IRuntimeClasspathEntry[] projectEntries = new IRuntimeClasspathEntry[javaProjectList.size()];
                for (int i = 0; i < javaProjectList.size(); i++) {
                        projectEntries[i] = JavaRuntime.newProjectRuntimeClasspathEntry((IJavaProject) javaProjectList.get(i));
                IRuntimeClasspathEntry[] resolved = JavaRuntime.resolveSourceLoo
kupPath(entries, configuration);
                ISourceContainer[] defaultContainers = JavaRuntime.getSourceCont

It seems to make Eclipse add only the web project to sourcepath lookup, rather than the libraries it depends on.

I feel it is a useful feature to make source code of all depending libraries available to Eclipse when debugging, and it seems to be a very intuitive way to integrate with Maven.

Did I miss anything here? Please let me what your solution was.