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From: Joe Schaefer <>
Date: April 10, 2010 1:24:14 PM EDT
Subject: [NOTICE] compromised jira passwords

Hello Apache community@ [1],

As you are probably aware we have been working to restore services
that have been compromised by a very targetted attack against Apache's
jira installation.  The good news is that jira is back online, with
bugzilla and confluence soon to follow [2].  The bad news is that the
hacker was able to rejigger jira's code to sniff any cookies and
passwords sent to the server between April 6 and April 9.  If you
used jira at all this week, including via IDE's that interface via
SOAP, it is IMPERATIVE that you take time to immediately reset your
jira password, and possibly your ldap password if those match up.
If you have admin privs in jira your password was reset by us, so
you'll need to use the password reset form in jira to regain access.

To have a reset password mailed to your contact information in jira,

When you do login to jira be sure to double-check your contact info.

To change your ldap password login to and run
/usr/sbin/passwd, or else visit

Thanks for your patience and diligence in this matter.  A blog post
will be forthcoming which will provide details of the attack and
what we have done to mitigate future hack attempts.

[1] feel free to forward this note to any other apache mailing list,
public or private.

[2] at this time we do not believe the hacker compromised the confluence
and bugzilla installs, but we are awaiting confirmation from our admins
before bringing those back online.

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