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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: How to configure ActiveMQ (persistence, flow control etc.)
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 15:55:47 GMT

On Apr 7, 2010, at 11:08 AM, easyl wrote:

> ActiveMQ 4 embedded in Geronimo2.1.
> There are many configuration possibilities in AMQ, but many of them should
> be set in a XML file.
> for example,
> How can I configure embedded AMQ? or is there any limitation in Geronimo to
> configure AMQ?
> I know only one method, i.e. ServerUrl in deployment plan
> <conn:resourceadapter>
>>  <conn:resourceadapter-instance>
>>  <conn:config-property-setting
>> name="ServerUrl">tcp://localhost:61616?jms.copyMessageOnSend=false&amp;jms.watchTopicAdvisories=false&amp;socket.tcpNoDelay=true&amp;wireFormat.tcpNoDelayEnabled=true</conn:config-property-setting>
>>  ...
> or here? how?
> GERONIMO/var/config/config.xml
> I cannot find any file to configure under
> GERONIMO/var/activemq

Geronimo 2.2 contains ActiveMQ 5.3 and you can directly configure an activemq xml file (in
var/activemq/conf, IIRC). You would probably have an easier time with G 2.2.

In G 2.1, configuration of the ActiveMQ Broker is via the ActiveMQ GBean. The plan.xml file
used to establish the configuration defaults is here --

The GBean implementation is here --

GBEAN_INFO would define all of the configurable attributes.  Note that brokerUri allows you
to configure the location of an activemq xml file. Without changing code, however, looks like
Geronimo will always configure the PersistenceFactory DataDirectory and DataSource (see the
doStart() method).

To configure the brokerUri attribute, edit your config.xml file, locate the activemq-broker
module and add an override of the ActiveMQ GBean. Something like:

    <module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-broker/2.1.4/car">
        <gbean name="ActiveMQ">
            <attribute name="brokerUri">your-activemq-xml-file-path</attribute>

You can override any of the attribute values using the above technique.

I've never configured the broker using an external xml file...


> does this article still valid for GERONIMO 2.1?

Some of the basic concepts would apply. However, some of the specific xml plans are probably
dated... There's also some JMS doc in our Wiki... And samples that use JMS.

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