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From "Jens Mertz" <>
Subject Question about developing Gbeans
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2010 06:27:08 GMT

I'm developing a Service Module in Geronimo 2.2,which got a couple of GBeans.
This Gbeans have a couple of public Methods, but they shouldn't
all published, only some of them.

Now there's my problem. When i develop my Service module all my
public Methods were published, although i only add some of them to the
GbeanInfo. Has i misunterstood the gbeans? Is there some way to solve this

At the end of this mail is a GBean-Source with Comments which should show
you what i need.

I hope you can help me

Best Regards

public class TestGBean implements GBeanLifecycle {

	public static final GBeanInfo GBEAN_INFO;

	private String name;

	static {
		GBeanInfoBuilder infoBuilder = GBeanInfoBuilder.createStatic(
				TestGBean.class.getName(), TestGBean.class);

		infoBuilder.addAttribute("name", "java.lang.String", true,false);

		GBEAN_INFO = infoBuilder.getBeanInfo();

	public static GBeanInfo getGBeanInfo() {
		return GBEAN_INFO;

	public TestGBean() {


	public void doFail() {


        public void doStart() throws Exception{

	public void doStop() throws Exception


	public String getName() {
		return name;

	public void setName(String name) { = name;

        //this method should be published
        public void publishMe(){

        //this method should not be published
	public void test(){



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