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From jsguru72>
Subject Geronimo processes compared to WebSphere
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 00:27:58 GMT

I have used Tomcat for some time and I am now looking to expand to a full
JavaEE application server.  There are so many to choose from and it seems
everyone has their favorite.  This is not a "which is better" discussion.

WebSphere appears to be the most common application server out there, but I
would prefer to stick with something that is full open-source.  That brings
me to my question about Geronimo.

My understanding, and this may be wrong, is that Geronimo is to WebSphere CE
what Fedora is to Red Hat Enterprise.  That is to say that WebSphere CE is a
sort of proprietary release of Geronimo.

If that is the case, then my real question is, how close are the procedures
that you follow between Geronimo and WebSphere CE (and by extension
WebSphere proper)?  If I were to use Geronimo and become familiar with it,
would what I learn also apply to WebSphere, or are they completely different
in that regard?

Same command(s) to start/stop the server?
Same command to deploy an application?
Same configuration files?

Just looking for a little insight.

John S.
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