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From Ashish Jain <>
Subject How to use ModuleID and TargetModuleID for redeploy
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 18:05:35 GMT

The help for Redeploy suggest something as follows:

Help for command: redeploy
   redeploy [module] [plan] [ModuleID|TargetModuleID+]

       A shortcut to undeploy a module from one or more servers, then
       deploy a new version.  This is not a smooth cutover -- some
       client requests may be rejected while the redeploy takes place.

       Normally both a module and plan are passed to the deployer.
       Sometimes the module contains a plan, or requires no plan, in
       which case the plan may be omitted.  Sometimes the plan
       references a module already deployed in the Geronimo server
       environment, in which case a module does not need to be

       If more than one TargetModuleID is provided, all TargetModuleIDs
       must refer to the same module (just running on different

       Regardless of whether the old module was running or not, the new
       module will be started.

       If no ModuleID or TargetModuleID is specified, and you're
       deploying to Geronimo, the deployer will attempt to guess the
       correct ModuleID for you based on the module and/or plan you

       Note: To specify a TargetModuleID, use the form

Here I am trying to deploy an application to the master configuration store
with target name as MasterConfigurationStore and module name as artifactId
which fails
Second attempt was with MasterConfigurationStore  and artifact. However it
also fails.

Can someone guide me on how to use the [ModuleID|TargetModuleID+] for
redeploy ???


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