If you want to build GEP source code, you can try "mvn clean install" without "-Ptestsuite".  Testsuite is unstable, so you can skip it.

2009/11/4 Fei LI <FLI@mdacorporation.com>


I am 100% new.

I could not find help anywhere. Anybody can tell me where is my help?

Thanks first.

I want to learn geronimo and do some develop for it if possible. I followed the instruction from apache-geronimo page "How to Build Geronimo Eclipse Plugin from Source"

1. installed Apache Maven 2.0.9
2.get source code from
3. set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m 3. run command mvn clean install -Ptestsuite.

I always got error, missing something or run test error.


Fei Li

Best Regards,