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From Quintin Beukes <>
Subject Re: Redeploying Depended on Applications
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 19:11:07 GMT
> So, in your case, if you redeploy B, C will get stopped while B is being
> undeployed/deployed and then restarted, at which point it will pick up new
> injected ejbs from A and B.

This makes sense. I assume from your message, though, that
applications are treated as plugins internally?

>> I'm not sure how these references are handled with the proxies, and
>> want to know how I should set up my "minor revision" upgrade
>> procedures.
> Please try this out in a real world situation and let us know how well it
> works.

Will do. It's not a big problem if connections are lost. As long as
it's possible to redeploy without having to do so with all
applications and/or restart the server.


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