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From Quintin Beukes <>
Subject Re: Persistence unit <class> annotation having no effect
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 19:02:59 GMT
Just to clarify:

>> If there are 2 persistence.xmls, IMO any time this works you've found a bug,
>> and the bug might depend on a particular classloader structure that occurs
>> in your tests but not runtime environment.
> Which JPA spec version is supported by Geronimo? In the EJB3.0 spec
> this is a requirement. In fact, if 2 separate PUs reference the same
> entity class, they have to refer to the same persistent instances.

This is only a requirement to be supported. There is nothing that says
they have to be automatically detected, so if you're doing this you
have to specify the class you're doing it with in the <class> element
inside persistence.xml. This is what I'm doing.

I'm busy looking around the Geronimo code to see why it doesn't work.
Could you perhaps clarify something to me. Where is the
persistence.xml parsed, and how is it passed onto

At first glance it looks like my <class> elements are ignored (ie.
force to an empty list at all times, and an empty list given to


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