> Geronimo is pretty modular so you should have no difficulty
> integrating whatever you come up with in geronimo. Since you don't
> provide any details of what you are trying to do its difficult to do
> anything other than point you at the geronimo code base. If you
> provided more details on the protocol you are planning to use we could
> point you in a more focussed direction. Personally I'm a little
> confused because I thought "web server" was usually used to mean
> "server for http requests".

Hi David,

First of all thank you very much for your quick reply. You are right I did not explain my self fully on what I am trying to achieve. I am mostly asking the question as part of a research I am making to understand how modular Geronimo is and in which ways I could customize it for my needs.

Basically my question is if I can build my own "server to handle custom protocol requests" that can live next to tomcat with the Geronimo. For example, if I have a web application that consists of a single servlet (that inherits from GenericServlet class), then can I set Geronimo to load by custom protocol handler at start up (just like I assume it does with Tomcat)? and can I access the deployed servet from this custom protocol handler?

I have looked into the possiblity of adding a connector directly into Tomcat but the problem here is that the Tomcat adapter handles all requests as http. I also thought of using the JEE Connector Framework. However the problem here is that the only way to access a deployed web application is to use the URLConnection class which internally sends an http request.

Simon J.

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