Well, I do know that axis2 is an integral part of Geronimo. But I would like to play around a bit with the web interface for activating services and those sorts. I am doing this now in Tomcat alone, but I would like to use the admin console of axis. But I was not able to create a deply plan. And using those deplay plans found on the net did not work either. It got me so far, that I had it kind of running - with lots of warnings while the deployment was in progress, but at last it got installed, sort of. But then, only the main page came up, Version and Administration pages just told me that an error had occured.

Or is there another way to manage services with axis? I am not famliar with ejb and similar technologies, yet. So, maybe I am just missing something here. But so far I am still occupied with reading and getting my fingers dirty ;-)


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 7:09 AM, Stephan Mehlhase <s.mehlhase@googlemail.com> wrote:
I'm also quite new, but isn't axis already part of Geronimo? What do
you want to achieve?


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 02:28, Marcel Lautenbach<jeansen@gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone who has exprerience in setting up the axis2.war in geronimo? I am
> kind of new to geronimo and am getting IndexOutOfBounds errors when trying
> to deploy the war downloaded from apache. The solutions found on the net did
> not work or I did something wrong. System is Windows XP. Thanks in advance
> :-)
> P.S.
> Putting the axis2.war in a tomcat installations works without any problems.