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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Replacing the server-security-config plugin
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:07:28 GMT
Hi Joe!

On Sep 10, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Joe Dente wrote:

> Hi,
> I’ve been working on replacing Geronimo 2.1.4’s server-security- 
> config plugin’s example security with our own security plugin. We  
> need single sign on for our application which also means the same  
> sign on process has to work with the Geronimo admin console. We need  
> to be able to use custom realms and custom login modules in our  
> server-security-config plugin replacement that may change depending  
> on the environment we deploy to. I’ve run into two limitations so  
> far that I’ve found documented online. One is that unless I want to  
> re-deploy other plugins that use the ‘geronimo-admin’ security  
> realm, than our custom security realm must be named ‘geronimo-admin’  
> as well. The other is that I ran into

> , forcing me to creating a dummy properties-login gbean in order for  
> the tomcat components to start up.

In my experience this is incredibly annoying.  I don't have time but  
wonder if anyone else can see about fixing this for 2.2.

>  I’ve created alias’ for my plugin over the server-security-config  
> plugin in ‘’ file and I’ve also disabled  
> the server-security-config plugin and added my plugin as a loaded  
> module in the ‘config.xml’. Unfortunately, I still cannot log into  
> the Geronimo console using my custom security realm and login  
> module. Geronimo has no problem starting with the current  
> configuration and I can even login using my custom login module.  
> Everything seems happy as far as the login process is concerned when  
> I step through the code, but instead of seeing the Geronimo console  
> I get a tomcat error page stating ‘Access to the specified resource  
> () has been forbidden’.  The logs are completely clean as well as  
> the console output. My only idea is that my admin users also need to  
> be members of a specifically named Geronimo admin group (make my  
> admin groups name exactly match the one setup in the default  
> security plugin)? I have not tested this hypothesis out yet, because  
> I have my own admin group that is used by our application that I  
> would like to re-use as the Geronimo console’s admin group. Any  
> other thoughts?

In 2.1.x you are stuck with the principal-role mapping in the ee  
application, although in 2.2 you can put it into a different plugin if  
you want and I think then swap it via an artifact-alias with one in a  
different plugin.

So, that means that you need to supply the principals the principal- 
role mapping expects:

     <security xmlns="">
             <role role-name="admin">
name="admin" />

So, your login module needs to supply a principal of class  
GeronimoGroupPrincipal and name "admin".

Let us know if this doesn't work.

david jencks
> Thanks,
> Joe

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