Hi erveryone,


I need some advice on the following situation. We have a war with a framework which based on configuration in the database and use of reflection dynamically can call a method of a java class. When this class is present in a jar (lets call it impl.jar) which is located in WEB-INF/lib it works as expected.


However what I want to accomplish is:

1)       have the impl.jar not included in the WEB-INF but at an alternate external location, so for a new impl.jar we need not redeploy the war

2)       once the jar has been altered I probably need to force a reload of the classes already loaded by the Geronimo classloader. Is this possible and how can this be accomplished


When I am completely off the track or have any other advice which could help me just point me in the right direction, any documentation or google terms will be appreciated.


Kind regards,

Marco Laponder