How do you configure the security of JMS queues and topics running in Geronimo?

I have a couple queues and one topic that are already functioning and deployed using the deployment descriptor of a resource adapter that describes the queues, topics and my connection factory. I need to modify my resource adapter so that these queues and topics require valid credentials to access (eventually I also need to use SSL when communicating with these queues and topics).  ActiveMQ’s site has a lot of information on securing ActiveMQ as a standalone broker. However, I cannot find any information on configuring its security when it is embedded within Geronimo. The only security configurations I can find in the documentation are the “<config-property-setting name=”UserName”>” and “<config-property-setting name=”Password”>” that can be optionally specified on your resourceadapter-instance element. These settings do not seem to have any effect on my connections. The other security-related setting is the “<credential-interface>” element, which is commented out in every example I’ve seen and was also mentioned to be deprecated in a forum I read.

Does anybody have any experience with Geronimo’s JMS security?