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Is it possible to perform secure EJB communication over SSL in Geronimo 2.1.4? Our application communicates from client to server using remote EJB method calls and Geronimo-2.1.4.  We need to achieve SSL encrypted communication for our EJBs for our client to server communication.  I’ve been searching for some time for an example of how to achieve this. In my searches I came across OPENEJB-785 (http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OPENEJB-785) which appears to be a blocking bug that was resolved in Openejb-3.1. This would lead me to believe that secure EJB communication is not possible in Geronimo-2.1.4 since it uses Openejb-3.0.1.


How are people addressing the problem of encrypted EJB communication in Geronimo?


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