Geronimo Binary built by Harmony is not as equivalent to the binary built by SUN JDK. var/config/config.xml file is empty and few other config files also empty. No idea why harmony build binary has empty config files. Any thoughts on this?

I replaced the config files from SunJDK built geronimo binary and followed the steps mentioned here to start the server using HARMONY Java. Server sucessfully started.

As mentioned in the page when i passed the argument -Djava.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.apache.harmony.jndi.provider  to java tests are run continuously. Now tests are running fine. But found few test failures. I will be analyse these failures further.

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Harmony use MX4J, which implements JSR 003 and 160 (remote API). So I suppose the jmx remoting function is there.

Mohan, can you start the server built with Harmony in command line? ie., use "startup" command for example.


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After a long time, i could able to build the geronimo using Harmony JDK. But Building was not so smooth. I need to build the modules one by one. I struck at running the testsuites module ..

It is failed to verify the Geronimo server start.  But i am sure server is started. Server logs shows that server is up and running. But build script while running the command-testsuite failed to detect the server start. Any help would be much appreciated. Please note, Harmony doesnt implement JPA.

umm, neither does any other vm, not sure what you mean here.  Maybe it doesn't implement java agents or not the same way?

IIRC, Harmony does not support -javaagent. You can run OpenJPA without it, but I think we'll run into a number of problems without -javaagent support.

I wonder if harmony implements jmx remoting?  checking whether the server started relies on this.

Sounds like a reasonable guess...